Expectations are very high for a great year of Baseball. The Riverside Baseball Association (RBA) is preparing for the upcoming season for all the participants and fans of the sport.

Proceeds from this club are used to assist athletic endeavors and to promote numerous little league, high school college and softball organizations.

Your support, both physically and financially, is very much appreciated and is imperative if we are to continue to bring emphasis to this 

Great All-American PastimeBaseball

If you have any questions regarding the Riverside Baseball association, 

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Baseball in Riverside has garnished many young athletes onto Major League Baseball Teams. And the hope and spirit that drove many of us to play the game; is the same as it is today – not quite . Every since the first pitch was thrown or the first hit was recorded, baseball has been the staple of our society and we always want to see it as part of the Inland Empire. So a group of us got to together mostly alumni from back in our glory days of playing at John W. North High School and started reminiscing about the good ole days when we played, except we have noticed that indeed the game is not the same. Back when we played, all we needed was a stick and a plastic cup rolled into a ball covered with duck tape and our baseball mitts were our hands. Now kids have access to travel ball clubs, personalized pitching and batting coaches, names on their little league Jerseys and mom’s and dad’s shelling out hundreds of dollars a month so their child could play at pay to play custom ball parks in specialized leagues! Our discussion took a turn to” What about the kids that can’t afford all the cost because they simply don’t have the money” We decided that we should do something that would even the playing field for those who didn't have the resources to play. That’s why we created the Riverside Baseball Association, so we could help send kids to play the game of baseball, both boy’s and girls could play in little league, pony league, high school, softball and college level regardless of their economic status.